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Zenshin Daiko's 19th Annual Taiko Festival

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Zenshin Daiko's 19th Annual Taiko Festival Concert was a held at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center's Castle Theater on June 23. It started with a great first half by Stanford Taiko that ended with a collaboration with ZD members playing Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki was composed by former Stanford Taiko member Hiroshi Tanaka in 1994.

The second half featured the first ever performance by our Beginning Class members and the premiere of Akai Taiyo which was composed by ZD members Sasha Kovicic, Teisha Nishimitsu and Xaden Nishimitsu. Taiko master Kenny Endo performed an odaiko solo and a duet with former ZD member Preston Jones. Then Endo Sensei performed one of his signature pieces, Symmetrical Soundscapes, with ZD members Lannie Hisashima, Peytynn Kubo, Teisha Nishimitsu and Sidney Tanaka. Among the 40 plus ZD members on performing were recent high school graduates Kyle Fuchikami and twin bothers Austin and Trevor Suzuki.

Thank you to everyone who attended the concert and everyone who has supported ZD over the past 19 years.

Zenshin Daiko is a non-profit corporation dedicated to teaching taiko to children and sharing it with the community. Since forming in 1999 Zenshin Daiko has performed in over 900 cultural and community events all over Maui and the neighbor islands. Zenshin Daiko has also performed in Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Texas, Nevada and Japan.