Zenshin Daiko



Zenshin Daiko's 20th Annual Taiko Festival

TF2019 Thank You

Zenshin Daiko's 20th Annual Taiko Festival Concert was a huge success!

ZD members worked really hard to perform some of their favorite songs composed by past ZD members and premiered two new pieces. Teisha Nishimitsu composed Rising Phoenix. It is an exciting piece that tells the story of how our recent high school graduates will be missed but our younger members are prepared to continue to move ZD forward. The second piece premiered is called Keanae. It was written by Lannie Hisashima, Peytynn Kubo and Sidney Tanaka. It was inspired by ZD's annual taiko camps in Keanae.

Special thanks to our special guests Roy and PJ Hirabayashi and Eien Hunter-Ishikawa who have been working with ZD members to prepare for this concert. They also performed on their own as well as performed with ZD members.

Zenshin Daiko appreciates all the support from members, parents, businesses and the Maui community over the past 20 years that have helped our members continue moving forward.